Original Great War of the Guyvers storyline, art and fiction is owned solely by Allen Lucas. W'Kar, Mark II and other such things appearing within the Great War of the Guyvers is his property, if you find their likenesses anywhere but on this site, unless on a site which has Allen's permission, they are dirty thieves who will rot in the burning sulfer pits of hell for their deeds.

XT Guyver, XT2nd Generation, The Shivan, and Avenger from the XT Fan Fiction are the propety of Micheal Cox and appear in the Great War of the Guyvers as characters written by Micheal.

Malice was created by Roger Cooper, the character is used in the Great War of the Guyvers.

Warrior Guyver Technology, Dreadnought, Zeus, The Matrix, Krullnar, Warrior Kavzar, Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 and the Clan ship are the sole property of Brian O' Sullivan and appear in the fan fiction 'Meeting of the Warriors' as a crossover with his storyline 'Warrior Guyver Fan Fiction'.

Black Nova Guyver is the property of Andre Harmon, a writer for the Warrior Guyver Fan Fiction, which appears in the 'Meeting of the Warriors' Fan Fiction.

Thanks go out to McAvoy for assistance in getting the GWOTG datafiles back up and running.

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