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      Welcome to my other fanfics. Right now, there isn't that much to look at. But I am working on them as fast as I can. If you have any ideas, or just anything to say... My email is always open. ~~Anita E. Singley~~

Bubblegum Crisis/Armitage III Crossover fanfiction

      Hayla Guyver4 fans. This fanfic has nothing to do with Guyver4, but you should enjoy it anyway. I have found some homepages that say that Armitage III happened in 2179, and others that say that it happened in 2046. Well, seeing as this is a Bubblegum crossover, and more pages said 2046, and because I just say so... This fanfic is happening ten years into the Bubblegum future, and one year after Polymatrix. Intro:,  Chapter One: Rebirths.

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