Anita E. Singley

      Okay, here is a bit about me. I am 22 years old. There are some pictures of me on this page too. So you can see me... I have been writing for about 11 years, but mostly just poems and short stories that I only let close friends read. I go to Valdosta State University, though I have taken a year off to get married and have a baby. There is a link to where you can see pics of my baby at the bottom of this page. I am an accounting major and want to be a CPA. But enough of the boring stuff. I bet you are wandering why I decided to write a guyver fanfic. The truth of the matter is that most of the short stories that I have written are like my fanfic. They pick up where some book, or movie, or anime that I liked left off. And I normally make a main character that gets thrown into the plot of the original story, the original characters normally only make appearances here and there.

      I also want to take time out to thank all of my friends on the IRC. All of you that come into my channel #slayers, thanx for the few moments that you leave my apartment in one piece. And thanx to all of you who are so nice to me in #anime and #manga. Oh, and thanx you too Bro. For being there to protect me form all of the jacka$$'s out there. Assimilate Them All!

      I am working with some other people that have contacted me, via email, on adding some characters that they too have come up with to my fanfic; or to add links to their own fanfics. I have had to put off the Ranma fanfic that I was writing for now. I have also started, and had to put on hold, a Bubblegum Crisis and Armitage III crossover. The links to the fanfics off the main page have nothing to do with me... And these writers have more than likely never even heard of Guyver4, but their fanfics are good. So check them out too.

      Okay. Back to a more important subject, me. ^_^ I love anime. Not all anime, but most of it. I hate Sailor Moon, Akira got really boring after the first few times I saw it, and I can't stand Hentai with tentacles (but some of the softer stuff is okay). I collect Spellfire cards, am now really into the BattleTech CCG, and play some AD&D (once in a blue moon and much to my family's horror), I love to play Drow characters because they match my own personality very well. If you have not noticed by now... I can't spell worth crap, and I will tell anyone that asks me. All of my fanfic has been written and coded inside of WordPad, and I finally got HomeSite for a spell checker. It is easier that way for me...

      Computers are not my life, unlike with my older brother. But I am program literate (meaning I can use programs well), but I can't install or answer any questions about the functions of computers in general, which my brother can for the most part.

      Oh, and just one more thing before I go... A really good friend of mine has written an offshot fanfic chapter for my Guyver4 fanfic. Her main character isn't Isis, but she does use Director Johnson, Micheal Bane, The Company, and Cronos Death Valley Base; she will have her character meet up with Isis in later chapters, but I suggest that you check out what she already has up. (And read what she has written down about my wedding. *^_^*) Her fanfic can be found at Sparkes Ignite, and don't forget to email her in support of her fanfic as often as you have emailed me.

This is the new member of my household. I got her for Christmas of 1997. Isn't she cute?

You can find pics of my little baby here

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